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A note from the founder:


Growing up, my mother would always remind me that "Mosadi o tswara thipa ka bohaleng", meaning a women choses boldness, risk, adventure and ambition – a woman holds a knife at its sharp edge. Although this notion was etched into my mind, my experience as an African girl showed me that despite this being true in theory, practically women all around me could not make these choices. 


A "Dreaming Girl" is someone who has the drive, ambition and vision to create a bright future for herself and the world she lives in. However, in a society where girls are more often than not left out of secondary education, uninspired and unnutured as well as not given the opportunity to manifest their dreams-  dreams often remain just that. 


The Dreaming Girls Foundation is changing that narrative. I see this foundation as a home for girl dreamers. A place where resources, mentorship and guidance, as well as networks will be made easily accessible. The Dreaming Girls Foundation is a home for girls in the arts to empower and equip themselves to become social architects, influencers and activists in whatever fields they chose to go into. 

Dreaming Girls are everywhere and Dreaming Girls are changing everything. 

What's your dream?

-Naledi Masilo

The question isn't "Who is going to let me?", it is "Who is going to stop me?"

-Ayn Rand

Our Mission

 To bring women in arts to the forefront by equipping them with the resources, guidance, networks, and foresight needed to engage in society as social architects.


Our Vision

To create platforms that will impact girls across an array of fields in the arts to be change makers that boldly empower themselves and their communities.

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