For a few girls, much like myself, music has been an escape into a bigger world. Music is a way they can truly express their desires for themselves and the world they live in. And now, the Dreaming Girls Music Conference will help them use music to manifest that change.

Between 5-7 July, 2019, 30 South African girls, young women and music professionals will gather for the first conference of its kind for three days in Johannesburg, SA. The Dreaming Girls Music Conference will focus on engaging female musicians with social issues through mentorship and interactive sessions developing personal, social and musical skills. This conference will culminate in capstone project which will be presented at a gala dinner.

The conference will be three days of intense self-reflection, societal analysis, musical understanding igniting opportunities for youth led social change. We will have music therapists, inspiring industry professional and strong female leaders come in to lead sessions. Moreover, music educators will give group lessons and 1 on 1 sessions to the participants.

We are passionate about empowering young female musicians to boldly claim their space in an ever-changing society. To use their art as a catalyst of thought, action and revolution. To not wait on society to allow them to pursue their will for a better being, but to creatively and effectively generate that change.

This project is just the beginning of an age where platforms will be made abundant for musicians to be social architects and influencers, not just entertainers. Dreaming girls will no longer just dream of what could be, but actually create what {is}.


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